Where do we go?



We go where

the light of the candle goes

after you blow it out…

The smoke lingers


then dissipates.

What is this journey we call life?

I don’t know

A journey of the heart,

full of greetings and departures.


the end of the journey,


the start.

Of laughter,

our sense of humor

our heart’s defense

against the misery we face.

What of sorrow?

Someone wise once said:

it opens the heart,

it softens it,

so we love more deeply than before

Of our time here,

of this I am certain:

There is no rewind,

no fast forward,

no repeat.

This is your life

your time,

what will you do with it?


Don’t we all?



We all have our targets

in life

things we want to accomplish

at times the targets blur

clouded from our sights

by indecision



or more pressing priorities

that hem us in

but sooner or later

they reappear

and we re-awaken

once again

to something stirring



like the child to reach out

for what is just beyond

and not quite yet

in our grasp

then we remember to breath again

and our sight clears

rejuvenated from such

a stagnant apneaic pause

and we begin shooting

slow and steady

breathing as we fire

with each round spent

we are freeing ourselves

from the doubt,

the stagnating indecision

the inaction

calm and firing

all that came before

merely practice

until that bullet

hits it target

and day light shines

back at us

through the bull’s eye mark

Sacred and Profound



Sacred and profound




a cry of new life

and the silent apnea of death


life loved

life lost

and heart griping

breath-taking moments


in between


listen carefully

for it is


distant memories

so many of their stories


in a rush

like water in a stream

chatters, gurgles

running along