Musset’s sign


Musset’s sign rhythmical jerking of the head in aortic aneurysm (abnormal dilation of a section of the aorta) and aortic insufficiency.


McMurray sign

  occurrence of a cartilage click on manipulation of the knee; indicative of meniscal injury.

Lasègue’s sign


 Sign where flexion of the hip is painful when the knee is extended, but painless when the knee is flexed.

Pain on straight leg raise test is indicative of sciatia and lumbar disk disorders.

Klippel-Weil sign

  in pyramidal tract disease, flexion and adduction of the thumb when the flexed fingers are quickly extended by the examiner.

Graefe’s sign


  tardy or jerky downward movement of the upper eyelids when the gaze is directed downward; noted in thyrotoxicosis, seen in uncontrolled hyperthyroidism.

Lhermitte’s sign

  electric-like shocks spreading down the body on flexing the head forward; seen mainly in multiple sclerosis but also in compression and other cervical cord disorders.

Ewart’s sign


 bronchial breathing and dullness on percussion at the lower angle of the left scapula in pericardial effusion.