Breast Cancer


Ductal carcinoma in situ

  • 20% of breast cancers
  • malignant cancer of the breast ducts
  • in situ – indicative of remaining in area of origin
  • tumor originates from duct epithelium
  • stage 0 – precancerous
  • will progress to infiltrating form
  • progressing to infiltrating carcinoma


Lobular Carcinoma in situ

any cancer that begins in the tissues that line or cover the lactation glands of the breast that produce milk.

Infiltrating Carcinoma

  • 70-80%
  • hard mass
  • metastasizes readily to auxiliary lymph nodes


 Medullary Carcinoma – 6% of breast cancers

  • neoplasm grows in a capsule inside a duct

 Mucinous Cancer – 3% of breast cancers

  • mucin producing
  • slow-growing/favorable prognosis

 Tubular Ductal Cancer – 2%

  • axillary metastases uncommon
  • excellent prognosis

 Inflammatory Carcinoma

  • localized tumor
  • tender (differs from other mnfs)
  • red dusky skin over area
  • breast is abnormally firm and enlarged
  • edema and nipple retraction occur
  • spread rapidly

 Paget’s Disease of the breast – 1%

  • scaly lesion, burning, itching present around nipple
  • ductal neoplasm
  • tumor mass often not palpable under nipple
  • Dx: mammography

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