Compartment Syndrome

condition in which compression of nerves, blood vessels and muscle inside a closed space (compartment) within the body.

  • Pathophysiology:
  • Edema results due to trauma that compresses and compromises surrounding and distal blood vessels, nerves and muscle.
  • Connective tissue that defines the compartment does not stretch
  • A small amount of bleeding into the compartment, or swelling of the muscles within the compartment, can cause the pressure to rise



following injury, surgery or in most cases repetitive and extensive muscle use

Below a list of common causation factors:

  1. fractures
  2. ischemic reperfusion following injury
  3. hemorrhage
  4. vascular puncture
  5. intravenous drug injection
  6. casts
  7. prolonged limb compression
  8. crush injuries
  9. burns


includes relieving pressure through incision and drainage

left untreated tissue necrosis, neuro, and vascular damage may result


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