Intravenous therapy

Intravenous therapy or IV therapy is the giving of liquid substances directly into a vein. It can be intermittent or continuous.

 IV therapy will often be used to correct electrolyte and fluid imbalances in the body

Fluid and electrolyte imbalances often occur as a result of the adrenocortical stress response associated with severe physical trauma or stress (such as surgery).

  • The physiological adrenocortical stress response of the body causes the retension of sodium (Na2+) and Water (H2O) by the body
  • as Sodium and Water is lost, potassium (K+) is lost
  • electrolyte imbalances are often seen in first 2-5 d post-surgery
  • the severity of the stress influences degree of electrolyte imbalance
  • the more extensive the surgery (Sx) the greater the physiological stress response
  • excess or depletion of K+ increases the prevalence of dysrhythmias both pre and post operatively
  • A higher prevalence of fluid and electrolyte imbalances in often seen in patients  with preexisting, renal, GI or Cardiovascular disorders.

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