Brain Tumors


Localized intracranial space occupying lesions.

  • Tumors usually grow as a spherical mass or diffuse and infiltrate tissue


Tumor Effects

  • occur from the compression and infiltration of tissue
  • increased intracranial pressure
  • cerebral edema
  • seizure activity
  • focal neurologic signs
  • hydrocephalus
  • altered pituitary function


Effects of Neoplasm depend on the region of the brain occupied by the tumor:

Primary tumors: originate from cells and structures within the brain

Secondary (metastatic) tumors: develop from structures outside the brain

  • occur in 20-40% of all patients with cancer
  • brain tumors rarely metastasize outside the CNS
  • metastasis origin
  1. lungs
  2. breast
  3. lower GI tract
  4. pancreas
  5. kidneys
  6. skin



Glial and Meningeal tumors: linked to ionizing radiation exposure


  •  in adults – higher incidence in the fifth, sixth and seventh decades
  •  higher incidence in men than women
  •  Adult brain tumors originate most often originate from glial cells (forming the supportive structures of the spinal cord and CNS)

MRI of Brain tumor:


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