Multiple Sclerosis and Amyloid Lateral Sclerosis Comparison


Feature Multiple Sclerosis Amyloid Lateral Sclerosis
Disease Affects motor and sensory neurons Affects motor neurons/ Sensory and cognition not affected
Incidence Higher in women Higher in men
Genetics Mutation in the MHC portions of chromosomes on the HLA regions of the genes Mutation of the SOD1 gene on chromosome 21
Pathophysiology Neural demylination and Death of oligodenrocytes producing myelin Superoxide dismutase gene that neutralizes harmful free radicals is mutated

Signs and Symptoms

Depends on the region and extent of neural demylination.

Paresthesia (burning, tingling sensation)


decreased muscle strength and coordination

gait affected

visual impairment

bowel and bladder dysfunction


fascication (muscle twitch)

muscle atrophy



Diagnostics MRI for plaques.

Assay for presence of protein in CSF

indiciative of:

  1. compromised blood brain barrier
  2. autoimmune damage occurance
  3. inflammatory processes



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