Alzheimer’s Disease

 a progressive neurological disorder. The disease is a form of dementia accounting for 50% of all dementia types.

Characterized by:

  • personality changes
  • memory loss
  • cognitive decline
  • decreased social processing

Although each person with Alzheimer’s is different, most progress through a series of stages, each of which is characterized by more serious Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Mild Stage (duration 2-4yrs)

  • memory disturbance
  • careless work habits
  • still fine with familiar routines

Moderate Stage (duration 2-10yrs)

  • more substantial loss of cognitive function
  • changes with language
  • paraphasias – use words in wrong context
  • repetitive speech
  • profound confusion
  • changes in motor disturbance (use of hair brush etc)
  • forgetfulness and indifference
  • ADLs missing/ not occurring


Severe Terminal Stage

  • all mental capabilities are lost
  • decreased movement
  • rigid flexor posturing
  • incontinence
  • no ability for self care

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