the decreased secretion of one or more of the eight hormones normally produced by the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. If there is decreased secretion of most pituitary hormones, the term panhypopituitarism is used.

The signs and symptoms of hypopituitarism vary, depending on which hormones are undersecreted and on the underlying cause of the abnormality.

Hormones secreted by the pituitary:

Hormones of the anterior pituitary gland:

  1. Tyroid stimulating hormone – stimulates Thyroxine release
  2. Leutenizing hormone – stimulates testerone or progesterone production
  3. Follicle stimulating hormone – stimuilates estrogen release and oogenisis or spermatogenesis
  4. Prolactin – stimulates lactogenesis post-partum
  5. Growth Hormone – promotes growth of body tissues and organs
  6. Adrenocorticotropic hormone – stimulates the producation of androgens, minerocorticoids and glucocorticoids

Hormones of the posterior pituitary gland:

  1. Vasopressin – faciliates fluid reabsorption at the kisneys
  2. Oxytocin – stimulates uterine contraction and lactation

Martini, Fredric, H. 2006. Fundamentals of anatomy and physiology. 7th ed. Pearson Education Inc. USA.


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