Classification of Ankle Sprains

Classification of Ankle Sprains:                                           

 Grade 1 Mild Sprain

  • No bruising, slight swelling
  • Localized tenderness – usually on the outside of the ankle
  • No or mild limp for up to 2 days, can raise up on toes slowly
  • No joint laxity, no negative signs during stability tests and pain only at extreme range of motion.                             

Grade 2 Moderate Sprain

  • Bruising on one side of the foot
  • More extensive swelling, the Achilles tendon contours are visible but blurred
  • Less localized tenderness, with tenderness on both sides of the ankle
  • Visible limp for 2 to 14 days, unable to raise up on toes, hop or run.
  • Slight laxity when stressed, pain with most movements, especially inversion (rolling inwards) and plantar flexion.

Grade 3 Severe Sprain

  • Diffuse bruising and swelling on both sides of foot, the contours of the Achilles tendon are not longer visible.
  • General tenderness on both sides of the foot
  • Unable to weight bear and almost a complete loss of movement
  • Positive laxity and stability tests

Tiba Associated Joint ligaments:

Light Speed Physiotherapy. Ankle Sprain Classification. 2008. Retrieved October 10, 2009 from


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