Vitamin D Deficiency and Toxicity Symptoms

Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of Calcium and Phosphate by the body.

World’s Healthiest Foods ranked as quality sources of:
vitamin D
Food Serving
Cals Amount
Foods Rating
Salmon, chinook, baked/broiled 4 oz-wt 261.9 411.00 102.8 7.1 excellent
Shrimp, steamed/boiled 4 oz-wt 112.3 162.39 40.6 6.5 very good
Cow’s milk, 2% 1 cup 121.2 97.60 24.4 3.6 very good
Cod, baked/broiled 4 oz-wt 119.1 63.50 15.9 2.4 good
Egg, whole, boiled 1 each 68.2 22.88 5.7 1.5 good

Deficiency Symptoms:

  • Osteomalacia, softening of the bones, as bone mineralization does not occur at sufficiently rapid rates to support the metabolic needs for bone turn over. This heightens an individual’s risk of fractures.
  • Rickets: this occurs only in children as growing bones are softened and bow due to the lack of structural strength required to support body weight.

Toxicity Symptoms:

  • loss of appetite
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • high blood pressure
  • kidney malfunction
  • failure to thrive

Vitamin D impact on medications:

  •  Vitamin D may interfere with the effectiveness of calcium channel-blockers, a class of drugs used to treat chest pain, irregular heart beat and high blood pressure.
  • Taking supplemental vitamin D and calcium along with thiazide diurectics can cause blood levels of calcium to increase above normal levels.

World’s Healthiest Foods. 2009. Vitamin D. Retrieved October 7, 2009 from


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