3 Tumor Types

1) Carcinoma

  • majority of tumors are of this type
  • derived from epithelial tissues (cells that line organs, glands)
  • ~90% of all malignancies are carcinomas
  • adenomas – benign tumors of epithelial, glandular origin

2) Sarcomas

  • malignant tumors
  • less common than carcinomas
  • derived from connective tissues (bone, cartilage, muscle, blood, lymph)
  • mesenchymal sarcomas – sarcomas derived from embryonic connective tissues

3) Mixed-Tissue Tumors

  • derived from tissues capable of differentiating into both epithelial and connective tissues
  • least common tumor type
  • mixed-tissue tumors are composed of several different cells types

Chabner, Davi-Ellen. 2007. The Language of Medicine. 8th ed. Saunders Elsevier, Missouri


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