Continuous Ambulatory Delivery Device (CADD) pain pump

Continuous Ambulatory Delivery Device or CADD pain pumps are used in palliative care to deliver pain medications. They slowly release medication at a CADD-PCA-5800Rcontrolled rate. The CADD pump is a portable device as the name suggests. The patient’s 24hr pain medication dosage is divided into an hourly rate (breakthrough dosages included) . This 24hr amount is then inserted into either a 50 or 100ml cassette.


  • for patients who cannot tolerate oral medications
  • for those individuals with insufficient gastrointestinal absorption of oral medications
  • may be used in cases of severe nausea to administer continuous medication
  • cases of uncontrolled pain, breakthrough medication doseage administration can be controlled by the remote at the patient’s bedside

Coulson, Kathy. Cancer Pain Inservice. Kingston General Hospital. Retrived May 21, 2009 from


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