Continuous Ambulatory Delivery Device (CADD) pain pump


Continuous Ambulatory Delivery Device or CADD pain pumps are used in palliative care to deliver pain medications. They slowly release medication at a CADD-PCA-5800Rcontrolled rate. The CADD pump is a portable device as the name suggests. The patient’s 24hr pain medication dosage is divided into an hourly rate (breakthrough dosages included)¬†. This 24hr amount is then inserted into either a 50 or 100ml cassette.


  • for patients who cannot tolerate oral medications
  • for those individuals with insufficient gastrointestinal absorption of oral¬†medications
  • may be used in cases of severe nausea to administer continuous medication
  • cases of uncontrolled pain, breakthrough medication doseage¬†administration can be controlled by the remote at the patient’s bedside

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