Suprapubic catheter


Suprapubic catheter is a catheter surgically placed in an individual’s bladder. It exits and drains urine out through the incision above the symphasis pubis.

suprapubic catheter

The suprapubic catheter is anchored with sutures and a comerically prepared body seal. Urine then drains into a urinary drainage bag (catheter bag).

The suprapubic catheter reduces infection risk usually associated with indwelling catheters where a tube is inserted directly into the bladder through the urethra.

suprapubic and foley catheters

Suprapubic catheritization may be used when:

  • A patient presents with a bladder obstruction, in distress, with no history of extensive surgery or cancer (adhesions). When the bladders is obviously palpable bladder above the symphysis pubis, and when transurethral catheterization has failed with successively smaller calibre catheters.
  • A patient has had extensive surgery to remove cancerous lower abdominal tissue including the bladder.
  • A patient is paraplegic or quadraplegic and suffers recurrant chronic urinary tract infections from indwelling foley catheters.
  • Compications:

    • sediments, clots, encrustations or the abdominal wall itself  can block the suprapubic catheter.

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