Experience of loss, death and grief


Kubler-Ross’s Stages of Death and Dyinghands-bw-cuped


  • Denial: individual acts as though nothing has happened and may refuse to believe or understand that loss has occurred


  • Anger: individual resists loss and may strike out at everyone and everything around them


  • Bargaining: iindividual postpones awareness of the reality of the loss and may try to deal in a subtle or overt way as though the loss can be prevented.


  • Depression: occurs as the individual realizes the full impact and significance of the loss during this stage. Individual may feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness and withdraw from interpersonal interaction


  • Acceptance: individual accepts loss and begins to look to the future.






Perry, A, G, Potter, P, A, Ross-Kerr, J, C and Wood, M, J. (2006). Canadian fundamentals of nursing (3rded.). Toronto: Elselvier.


Note: there is no correct order through which stages are progressed, some stages may be skipped, others returned to, some may be progressed through very quickly while others may take a great deal more time to work through (typical shown)


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