Norwalk virus

digestive_systemNorwalk virus is a virus that infects the stomach and intestinal lining. Norwalk virus is the leading cause of non-virus-norwalkbacterial gasterointeritis. Norwalk virus is often a health care facility associated infection. This virus can be tranmitted through fecal contaminated food and water, transmitted via contaminated surfaces as well as direct contact with a person who has contracted the virus.

stomach ache

Symptoms can last 2-3 days. Young children, the elderly and those with health complications or compromised immune systems at greater risk or dehydration and further complications.

Prevention: Wash hands often with soap and warm water after using the toilet, diapering and before preparing or eating food. Disinfection of contaminated contact surfaces with bleach is recommended.

Baric, Ralph, Jiang, Xi, LePendu, Jacques, Lindbald, Lauren, Lindesmith, Lisa, Marionneau, Severine, Moe, Christine, Ruvoen, Natalie, and Stewart, Paul. (2003). Human susceptibility and resistance to Norwalk virus infection. Nature Medicine. 9 (5) 548-553


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